Dog Whisperer or Energy Whisperer, or both? Cesar Millan and Energy

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Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and your Personal Energy Practice

Dog Whispererdog whisperer
Cesar Millan, now known as The Dog Whisperer, came to the United States with a vision in mind.

Cesar had observed a skill his grandfather demonstrated on his farm where he could control dogs with seemingly ‘invisible’ skill and have them do what he wanted.

Cesar discovered that he had similar skills, what some people might refer to as  being a ‘dog whisperer’.

Once Cesar decided he was going to come to the USA, he worked hard to find ways to develop his skills as well as expand his education about his knowledge of dogs.

One day he found himself helping to train some Rottweilers for a glamorous woman who seemed familiar in some way.

The lady was Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith’s wife and with her support and help Cesar started to help other well known Hollywood names with their dogs.

Ultimately the concept for ‘The Dog Whisperer’ show was born and the serious premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel.  The rest, as they say, is dog whisperer history.

The Dog Whisperer – great viewing for Personal Energy Practitioners and Professional Energy Workers Alike

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you have a dog or not, or even like dogs.

If you are interested in a Personal Energy Practice or are a professional Energy Worker, then this show is for you.  Become a dog whisperer (it’s the same thing as an energy whisperer only with dogs!).

Cesar Millan has taken the time and trouble to put his dog whisperer skills – which were initially beyond words since they connect with the language of energy that all of us on this planet speak - into a format that can be followed using words, methods and behavioral approaches which garner real results.

I’m serious.  Learn to be a Dog Whisperer, and you can be an Energy Whisperer, too.

What can I learn from watching a show like The Dog Whisperer?

Cesar Millan makes it clear on his show The Dog Whisperer that he ‘rehabilitates dogs, and trains people‘.

I believe that he senses the energy behind what is said by people, as well as the words they use, and has a great intuitive sense of how to motivate a person towards change by having them focus on their skills, talents and abilities in the present moment.  He is a master communicator.

He also uses what I would term ‘energetic bodywork’ to move people to new places of possibility in their own minds, correcting their body postures, language and attitude as they work with their dogs.

Then, the magic occurs – the dogs act differently because they are responding to the ‘new’ energy projected by the owner.

Hugely empowering for both dogs and owners.  The real difference is the energy he has ‘whispered’ to the dog’s owners and the dogs mirror that energy.

Dog Whisperer or Dr DoLittle?

I don’t think Cesar Millan is a Dr DoLittle (who could ‘talk to the animals’), but I do think he has a unique focus of attention which enables him to observe and record dog behavior by staying purely in the moment.

In this way he appears to create magic as The Dog Whisperer, and it is, by any other name.

As an energy worker, I have noticed that he uses his hands to transmit his intent when required, although I think a lot of dogs (and people!) respond to the intensity of his energy from his presence anyway.

After quite a few years of watching Cesar Millan on The Dog Whisperer show, we finally got ourselves a dog! 

Our family have been intensively traveling over the last 10 years with my husband’s Navy career, but now that we’re more settled we decided to find a dog from the local Humane Society.

After much web surfing of their site my oldest daughter ‘approved’ of a dog (after not liking any that we looked at).

I went to take a look, and then took my children back the next day to see how the dog acted with them.

The first thing the dog did was roll over and show her belly to my children, which is primarily what I was looking for.

My oldest daughter has always been a little nervous around dogs, and the dog we chose is definitely bringing her out of her shell.

How I chose our new dog from the Kansas Humane Society and what I did when she came home – developing my own Dog Whisperer skills

We had already decided on a small breed that would need a medium amount of exercise, and that we could transport easily should we want to go on road trips.

I would describe my family as fairly active, but we’re all laid back and not high energy, so even a small dog that was ‘buzzing’ and here there and everywhere would not have been a match for us.

When I went to visit with the dog using the dog whisperer checklist from Cesar’s Way, I looked for…

  • the ability to follow me – even in the small visiting room, was she eager to follow me on the leash?
  • Nose, eyes, ears (Cesar’s recommendation).  I could see that she was sniffing and checking everything out, not just staring around.
  • Was she relaxed enough to eat?  She took treats even though she was in the stressful environment of a rescue center.  (They are wonderful places, but the energy can be odd since a lot of the animals are distressed).  We had some kind of hound howling in the background and another dog barking aggressively in another pen, and she still seemed happy to interact and not get easily distracted.
  • She was submissive to my children (this dog definitely shows her mastery in the belly roll!).
  • The paperwork was fairly detailed and I was aware that she had not been leash trained regularly, was considered a ‘wallflower’ – somewhat shy – and that barking could be a problem.  I felt that I could work with these issues and help her learn to move past them.
  • She was already house trained and crate trained.  A definite plus for me with two children ages 7 and 8 to take care of.

When I bought her home, I did the following things to introduce her to my ‘territory’ and show her that I was the pack leader – another dog whisperer skill

  • Walked her for a while without entering the home, until she had done all her ‘business’.
  • Introduced her to the house on a leash, with me going into the house first.
  • I did this at a time of day when my husband was at work and the children at school, so that it was quiet and we could focus on the job at hand.
  • I introduced her to each room on the leash so she could take a look around.
  • I did not take her into the bathrooms, the children’s bedrooms and our bedrooms to set boundaries
  • I waited until later in the day to feed her.
  • I did not invite her onto furniture with me (because we like to invite her up) but played a little on the floor with her and had her just ‘hang out’ with me rather than lots of interaction or hugging.

Dog whispererAll these steps meant that she started to settle in very quickly – my Dog Whisperer study was paying off!

The only mistake I made with the above list  and my diog whisperer activities was to give her a bed first, rather than have her get used to sleeping in the crate initially.

This omission resulted in her resenting having to go into the crate when we went out, rather than feeling comfortable and safe there.

It also resulted in an ‘offering’ being left downstairs one night when she decided to go. :-)

Rechecking the book, I realize that this is what I had missed from The Dog Whisperer’s new dog checklist.

So I switched out the bed for the crate, and closed the crate up at night.  I like this better because I don’t want her wandering downstairs and trying to wake the children up in the night.

She now goes in willingly whenever she needs to and sleeps there even with the door open.  We can probably add the bed back at some point but I think I’ll leave it a little while more.  (Update: as a more advance dog whisperer we have the crate for when we go out or at night only – she goes in willingly).

Pickle’s Progress with an apprentice Dog Whisperer

So Pickle the dachshund made it home with us and is setting in nicely. She is getting rehabilitated and I am getting trained!

More on Pickle’s progress over time.  At this stage I will simply say that I am learning more about calm assertive energy than I have ever known before, and getting great results.

Thought of myself as an Energy Whisperer for the last few years or so…looks like even this ‘old dog’ can learn some new tricks with a little help and become a Dog Whisperer!

Sarah is a Visionista, (like a barista, only with words, ideas and potentials... not averse to adding whipped cream or mocha ;-) also love scientific enquiry and doing her best to begin to understand quantum physics. Offering a unique approach to the management and focus of our Personal Energy using a fusion of techniques and concepts in her New World Energetics practice. Tool kit includes (but is not limited to!) Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, The Mythogenic Self™ Process, energy balancing, Akashic Records readings and Intuitive Work.

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3 comments on “Dog Whisperer or Energy Whisperer, or both? Cesar Millan and Energy
  1. Sunny says:

    Sarah, this is a really interesting and well written piece IMO. It really captures the essence of someone taking Cesar Milan’s work to heart and using it mindfully. Thank you for sharing your experience and PLEASE, write more.. it will encourage others, like me, who are more jaggedy in their energy to really get down to it. And with two new puppies, I need all the help I can get. I’ve got the book and I’m ready to begin. Blessings to you.

    • Sarah says:

      Will do, and thanks for the kind comment! Just had an interesting experience working with a little harness for the walks, shall share as soon as I can. One thing I can say right now is keep breathing while you’re working with the dogs!

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