For Lightworkers, energy workers and rockers everywhere, let your light shine down!

Share the energy, raise awareness
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Let your light shine down

Lightworker, lighthouse, energy worker

You gotta let your light shine down

Law of Resonance + Your Thoughts + Your Heartspace = Your Vibrational Field

How can you let your light shine down today?

Share some knowledge, be unusual, make people think outside of their usual boxes.

Use the Law of Resonance to spread your light to the Collective Soul/Unified Field/Lattice

Sarah is a Visionista, (like a barista, only with words, ideas and potentials... not averse to adding whipped cream or mocha ;-) also love scientific enquiry and doing her best to begin to understand quantum physics. Offering a unique approach to the management and focus of our Personal Energy using a fusion of techniques and concepts in her New World Energetics practice. Tool kit includes (but is not limited to!) Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, The Mythogenic Self™ Process, energy balancing, Akashic Records readings and Intuitive Work.

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