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Energy Around Things – a Marshmallow message from Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll

Energy around thingsENERGY AROUND THINGS

OK, energy around emotion is obvious, but how about “energy around things.” This is more of a stretch to those who have picked up this book by accident in a metaphysical book store.

Can a thing have energy? How about a crystal?  Of course.  Many can actually feel this with their hands.

How about something you love, such as a photo of your mom or dad or your child?  Yes!

So what is happening is that there is a combination of things taking place here that create energy.  Sometimes, like in the crystal, it’s almost totally contained by the object.

Other times, like the photo, it’s about your memory and the situation around the photo. But in both cases, there is energy around a “thing” created by a vast diversity of attributes.

~ Kryon, Book Twelve as channelled by Lee Carroll ~

I could feel the energy around things and people, and resonating from things and people…and sometimes see it inside things…

energy around things

The Journey Home: The Story of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels

As I child I could sense energy around things, such as trees or people.  There were many trees that I loved as I used walk with my mum, or when older bike ride to school.  There were three trees though that I hated, they made me scared for some reason.  I had to ride by them every day, twice a day.

As I grew older, they got cut down.  I was happy to see them go – but I never found out the reason for my intense dislike of them, I just knew that there was energy around things.

My mum and dad had a friend with a buzz cut (like a marine’s hair cut).  Even at age 3 I knew I did not like this person’s energy – so I used to scream when he came near me.  My mum and dad laughed and made light of it (as we are socially programmed to do).

Later in life my mum admitted to me that she ‘knew’ energy and at some point during our relationship told me that this ‘friend’ used to make passes at her when my dad was out of the room.

You don’t need to feel the energy around things or people, your intuitive way of sensing energy and unpacking it may be different

As Lee Carroll says from this Kryon Marshmallow message

So what is happening is that there is a combination of things taking place here that create energy

If you have had validating experiences such as those I listed above and feel the energy around things, then energy is a language you may already be open to.  It is subtle, thoughenergy bodies around people are called ‘subtle energies’ for a reason.

We have to slow down and connect to our inner selves in order to sense the language of energy better and learn to sense energy accurately, especially the energy around things.

If you haven’t felt the energy around things yet, it may be that you process this energy through a different intuitive circuit

You can always open to this new language by noticing how you connect with your intuition – or put another way, what ‘combination of things’ taking place create energy for you.

  • Energy for some people can ‘clump’ in the solar plexus or heart region – because they are clair-sentient ‘clear-feeling’ – they ‘feel’ things through an inner knowing, unpack the energy and process the information in the mind or mental body, so in their worldview they just ‘felt’ something…which they don’t necessarily perceive as feeling energy
  • Some people gain inspiration from visions, pictures and things just ‘popping into’ their heads.  This is still energy, they are simply ‘feeling’ it through the visual circuitry – being ‘clairvoyant’ or clear-seeing.
  • Many other people are tuned in to their inner voice or inner guidance and literally hear ideas and new thoughts in their mind – this is ‘clair-audience’ or clear hearing from the ‘small, still voice’.
  • A lesser known ‘clair’ is is ‘clair-gustence’ or clear-taste.  Many people process the world through their gut and their taste – “That leaves a bad taste in my mouth” is an energetic response to something using this sense – the person did not like the taste of the energy around a thing!
  • Clair-scent (clear-smelling).  Smell connects to the limbic or mid-brain and to our emotional centers, so fresh mown grass or the smell of baking bread will bring back memories to a person.  It is also possible to ‘smell’ the energy of a person (Chinese acupuncturists develop this skill throughout their lifetime) and to clair-scent smells when a spirit is present (the tobacco smoked by a grandfather who has passed).
  • Clair-empathy – another lesser know way to process the energy around things – this time, emotions.  Empaths can tune in to the emotional vibrations of another in order to sense their point view, literally “walk in their shoes”.
  • And finally clair-tangency – clear touching.  A clair-tangent can touch an object and read the energy surrounding the object and its history – more commonly known as psychometry.

Sensing the energy around things – many combinations of things, many circuits we can use

Be aware that there is no one way to sense the energy around things  – it may be that for some we sense energy through one circuit, or that we are open to sensing the energy of things through several circuits.

What combination of things create intuitive energy for you?

Sarah is a Visionista, (like a barista, only with words, ideas and potentials... not averse to adding whipped cream or mocha ;-) also love scientific enquiry and doing her best to begin to understand quantum physics. Offering a unique approach to the management and focus of our Personal Energy using a fusion of techniques and concepts in her New World Energetics practice. Tool kit includes (but is not limited to!) Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, The Mythogenic Self™ Process, energy balancing, Akashic Records readings and Intuitive Work.

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